Online Memorization Challenge




  • 4-week online course with Backstage Expert, Paul Barry
  • 2 x memorization video lessons provided per week
  • Material provided for memorization practice
  • Exercises and homework to be completed each week
  • 2 x short private online tutorials with Paul throughout the course
  • Learn general memorization exercises
  • Discover memorization tools specific to line-learning
  • Monologues, scenes, general memory expansion
  • Create your own memorization roadmaps and methodologies
  • Check out some handy memorization vids over on our A4C YouTube channel

“I am learning lines faster than ever before and those lines are coming out freer than ever before. These skills are essential not only for acting but also life learning. My only regret is I didn’t learn these skills sooner.” – Chris L.


  • Commences the first Tuesday of each month.


  • $300 for 8 video lessons (4 weeks, 2 video lessons/week), including personal feedback and private Skype tutorials
  • Scroll down to grab one of the remaining $50 discounts down below…


  • Complete the course online, in your own home, in your own time
  • Visual, fun, playful, powerful techniques that anyone can do
  • Perfect for auditions, on set and confidence-building
  • Remember lines, names, numbers, directions, tricky dialogue
  • Absorb information in the way that works best for you
  • Build discipline, work the muscles of your memory
  • Improve your cold-reading skills, improve confidence, book more jobs

“Paul is an intelligent, engaging, funny and articulate teacher. The most valuable take aways from this course, is my new found confidence in approaching scripts , the general sense of trust in my brain’s abilities and its potential.” – Cam F.


  • Each Tuesday and Thursday (PST) for 4 weeks you will receive a link to a private, pre-recorded video teaching you new memorization skills for that week
  • Watch them in your own time, you need not be around when they are posted
  • You will be given exercises and ‘homework’ (a lot more fun than it sounds) to complete by Saturday of that week
  • You will receive several short online tutorial sessions to demonstrate your progress, ask questions and clarify techniques
  • You will receive short ‘tests’ along the way to assess your progress
  • By the end of the course you will know how to memorize monologues, scenes, or vast quantities of other information using the tools you’ve been given

“Paul is amazing at keeping the work and students light and inspired, and I discovered an enjoyable mental energy I had not experienced in some time. As a consequence of doing this course I feel better equipped to take on challenging material, and (possibly more importantly), keen to meet greater challenges as an actor.” – Leah B.


  • Free download of Paul Barry’s Choices: an e-book for actors
  • Receive discounts on further private online sessions (exclusive to clients of A4C)
  • Discounted upgrades available for accelerated learning

Book via the link below, otherwise, contact us to ask any questions about our next course.

“This was one of the best courses I have ever experienced. You were so very attentive throughout and on time with what you promised. I always thought I was more of a classroom learner, but you have certainly changed that for me.” – Teresa J.





If you have any issues with bookings or payment, please let us know here.




"Although my specialist field is Musical Theatre, the universal approach Paul takes to all areas of acting allows for a very relevant application to a genre traditionally not associated with strong 'legitimate' actors. Classes were always challenging too, which is always great for the aspiring actor.”

- Fabian Hartwell

"Good to get different perspective and arsenal of tools to add to my repertoir "

- Tien Pham

I stumbled upon Paul's masterclass in Sydney, and it for sure became one of the highlights of my trip - I've learned and absorbed so much within the short 8 hrs I was there, and I say short because time just flew by in his class. He was patient and articulate in the way he taught, he made it easy to relate and understand, and never once made anyone feel uncomfortable...unless you're willing to let him help you breakthrough challenging areas. Thanks for being such a generous teacher, Paul =)

- Cat Tsai

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