“Paul Barry is one of the most insightful and terrific teachers of acting that I have perhaps ever come across. I have not yet known someone who is able to so seamlessly blend in his teaching an understanding and appreciation of the instinctual and creative process of acting alongside the practical and vital technical components and skills that are required to be mastered in order to work in a professional capacity, quite like Paul."

- Lisa Kowalski

"I started classes with Paul after meeting him as a teacher at NIDA. His approach to acting was a lot more involved and intense than other teachers i have had....I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Paul to the very beginner or most experienced actor in the business!"

- David Woodland

“Paul is fantastic teacher and an amazing person. He is so talented and loves helping his students to achieve their goals. Paul has the unique ability to make you feel so comfortable that you can explore places within yourself which you never thought were even there! "

- Diana Elizabeth

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