A quick post about Paul Barry's choices drop in workshops. I had the pleasure of attending several classes last time Paul was in Sydney. Extended improvisations and text work, in groups, individually or in pairs provided the framework to identify habits as well as explore choices, characterisation, endowment, and impulses. Paul brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to classes that are always fast-paced, fun and creatively stimulating.

- Lauren Richardson

"...I've always struggled to figure out where to start when reading a script. Working with Paul gave me a clear foundation to transform what's on the page to the stage and to have confidence in my interpretation..."

- Silvan Rus

"Paul Barry is one of those rare gems in our industry who genuinely wants to help actors be better actors. His experience is priceless, passion is relentless and dedication to developing our craft something to be admired. Paul reminded me that as actors, we are always learning. In just a few hours with him, I discovered new techniques and ideologies I hadn't come across in years of working. I want to thank you Paul for the gift you continually give. If you have the chance to work with this guy, you should definitely take it."

- Taryn Brine

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