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Demo Reels

Paul Barry and his business partner at Showreels Australia, Tristan Kenyon, have written, shot and produced demo reels for Australian clients since...




"I found the idea that each sentence should be expressed potentially as your last very useful. I especially liked the idea of PIE as a way of doing a scene differently."

- Douglas N. Hachiya

"Check out 'Choices Workshop' with Paul Barry!!!!!! AMAZING info, lots of fun and some great laughs with Paul!! Thanks for a great time!! His assistants are lovely as well! ;)"

- Vanessa Marie Dewing

"Paul has a huge amount of experience in watching screen tests and as a result I believe he has incredible insight into what is needed in preparation for an audition....Paul helped me prepare for my Underbelly audition and I do attribute the success of this audition to his mentorship."

- Lieschen Pogue

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