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Stephen Peacocke

“I’ve been using Paul’s approach to acting for about 7 years now starting off in my work in co-op theatre around Sydney and now on...

Jeronimo Spinx

  “…a few years ago, while attending a casting director workshop, I became surprisingly aware of just how many of our fellow...

Esther Anderson

“I could already see the benefit of using this P.I.E. technique in such a short amount of time! AND big fan of Stephen Peacocke’s work...

Aaron Fa’aoso

“I had the opportunity to work with Paul on my first ever production as an actor on television. I was nominated for an AFI and a Logie award...

Michele Mattiuzzi

“Paul Barry is the real deal! He has developed his own unique style of adding layers to any performance and refining your abilities to get out...

Lieschen Pogue

“Paul has a huge amount of experience in watching screen tests and as a result I believe he has incredible insight into what is needed in...




"It was such a pleasure meeting with you yesterday Mr. Barry. Thank you so much for your insight and sharing your wisdom. In one session I gained so much, how refreshing! Thank you! "

- Natalia Alia

"Enjoyed the theory and the actual suggestions to physically CREATE EMOTION OR THE APPEARANCE OF IT"

- Scott Christopher

"I loved the perspective about getting personal and could see changes making people's scenes more interesting. I hear C/Ds say "Actors, make a stronger choice". This has made it more clear. You have great energy. :)"

- Kathleen Kelly

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