"I could already see the benefit of using this PIE technique in such a short amount of time! AND big fan of Steve Peacocke's work, so obviously it is working really well. Thank you!"

- Esther Anderson

I've been using Paul's approach to acting for about 5 years now... Working on a show with such a high turn over of material (Home & Away), an approach to acting that promotes instinct and honesty without tedious over analysis is not only extremely valuable, but incredibly liberating.

Paul's approach to acting is direct, effective and completely doable. More importantly, it elevates material to a level that's exciting to play and gives it an edge that is (hopefully) exciting to watch.

- Stephen Peacocke

"Paul has a huge amount of experience in watching screen tests and as a result I believe he has incredible insight into what is needed in preparation for an audition....Paul helped me prepare for my Underbelly audition and I do attribute the success of this audition to his mentorship."

- Lieschen Pogue

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