"Very interesting material he covered. I would definitely say it is a unique approach"

- Brandon Irons

A quick post about Paul Barry's choices drop in workshops. I had the pleasure of attending several classes last time Paul was in Sydney. Extended improvisations and text work, in groups, individually or in pairs provided the framework to identify habits as well as explore choices, characterisation, endowment, and impulses. Paul brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to classes that are always fast-paced, fun and creatively stimulating.

- Lauren Richardson

Paul is energetic, passionate and generous in the work that he does. As an actor I felt very secure in his classes under his experienced and creative guidance. Paul gave me some really tangible and practical tools to help me move with confidence into the realm of camera after most of my experience was theatre training. I would definitely seek him out to work alongside him in the future.

- Anne Wilson

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