Choices – e-book for actors“, by Paul Barry (download)

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If you’re an actor wanting to take risks and make bold, interesting choices that stand out for the right reasons, then Choices” e-book for actors is for you.

This interactive e-book will introduce you to the mechanics of choice, the knowledge of which will drastically reduce your reliance upon (and approval of) directors, casting directors, and teachers.

In this visual and interactive e-book, you will uncover countless fun and practical exercises, and Choices” e-book for actors will illuminate you to exciting yet-to-be-discovered paths for independent exploration in your work. Along the way it incorporates incredibly powerful mnemonic devices, making the learning of tricky dialogue incredibly simple, and the acquisition of new techniques also a breeze.

In addition to the many acting and memory techniques you will discover in Choices” e-book for actors, you will learn how to translate any generalised direction into specific action, thus making it a cinch to incorporate notes from directors and casting directors in auditions and on the job, regardless how vague or subjective they may sometimes be.

Written by Backstage Expert and top Australian acting coach, Paul Barry, Choices” e-book for actors” condenses the findings of twenty years of teaching experience into one 216-page 8 chapter e-book. Paul’s clients have secured representation and work with many top agents, managers and networks internationally, as well as awards for their acting work. 

With “Choices” e-book for actors available at the introductory offer of only $15 for the full 216-page 8-chapter download (50% saving), there’s now an opportunity to learn wherever you are. At home, on the bus, in the audition waiting room, and on your computer, iPad or Smart Phone!

(Note: Allow up to 48 hours for delivery of your purchase and be sure to add to your ‘whitelist’ for email correspondence. If you have any issues contact immediately.)

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"This approach makes SENSE to me. The use of analogies was illuminating. PIE and other clear choices are clean and empowering. The Lee Strasberg quote: The talent is in the choices'. Leaving with great, valuable notes."

- Katie-Rose Cunin

"I really loved the graph you gave to us, and applied it to my audition the next day and got a call back! Fingers crossed I get the job!"

- Johnny Nicolaidis

I want to thank Paul Barry, my acting tutor, friend and mentor so very much for helping me rediscover my passion for acting, rebuild my confidence, and helping me to stop trying to "act" but instead just connect and understand a piece - and make it true to my very gut through his use of technique, TONS of patience and easy going nature :).

- Jasmine Akbari

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