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“Could I ever believe that from when we first met in those classes at NIDA that in a few years time I would be in Ireland with an Irish cast performing in front of an Irish audience and receiving a standing ovation! …I have you to thank for inspiring me Paul and showing me how. Looking over my notes from our sessions together, PIE, EOSEBAT, the three fundamentals, and the rest, I can actually see I am implementing what you have taught. It is making a difference.”

- Don Smith

“You helped me not only put together a better speech, but gain a new insight into acting as a whole. I think that from now on, the search for the character’s “point of view” will form a major part of my approach to a role. Thanks for giving me tools to look.”

- Matt Lagan

“Awesome class to help with choices and standing out in your auditions!”

- Andrew Sherman

“Paul’s experience & knowledge is insightful. His energy & enthusiasm highly contagious. Highly recommend!”

- Janis McGavin

“Inventive, informative, inspirational!”

- Sade Sellers

“Paul Barry is one of the most insightful and terrific teachers of acting that I have perhaps ever come across. I have not yet known someone who is able to so seamlessly blend in his teaching an understanding and appreciation of the instinctual and creative process of acting alongside the practical and vital technical components and skills that are required to be mastered in order to work in a professional capacity, quite like Paul.

I could go on about his unwavering commitment and disciple to developing his teaching and approaches to the craft as well as his to his students, but in all my time studying I've never seen such a dramatic transformation in my career as in the short period that I began studying with Paul. I immediately received callbacks on several projects and booked a guest role on a T.V show. His teaching practices are current and up to date because Paul himself is a working and accomplished actor who understands very much the pace of auditioning and the skills required to break down scripts of all genres in a concise yet original and creative way.

I cannot think of a studio or teacher that an actor in Los Angeles (or elsewhere) could gain better training from, in order to gain a well rounded education and perspective for a career working in Film,TV or Theater than with Paul Barry.”

- Lisa Kowalski

“Inspiring being in your presence Paul; you showed me a simply profound way of creating captivating interaction.”

- Josh DeLozier

“Paul – Thank you so much for last week’s class. It was not only eye opening, but astounding to witness your P.I.E technique shape and reform people’s work so rapidly. I was entertained and mesmorised. Your stories are wonderful and your manner of teaching direct and personal. I loved it. See you again soon!”

- Sophie Brabenec

“I had the opportunity to work with Paul on my first ever production as an actor on television. I was nominated for an AFI and a Logie award for my performance in Remote Area Nurse. I have no hesitation in recommending Paul Barry professionally as he is a devoted practitioner and teacher of the craft of acting and story telling.”

- Aaron Fa’aoso

“Paul really made things clearer. As an actor I complicate things and working with him really articulated a process that helps me work effectively. He is great”

- Dichen Lachman

“Paul is fantastic teacher and an amazing person. He is so talented and loves helping his students to achieve their goals. Paul has the unique ability to make you feel so comfortable that you can explore places within yourself which you never thought were even there!

Paul stood out to me as a teacher straight away with his genius techniques and ideas. He has changed my thinking about acting (he made things so much easier!) and has given me amazing support along the way. Paul is rare find because he intellegent kind and, encompasses amazing skills for us all to use and enjoy!

I live in NZ but will continue to travel to see Paul, because his expertise and is seriously worth travelling for!!”

- Diana Elizabeth

“You can't wait until you're back to Paul Barry's classes, I felt like a sponge I just want more, more and more. Nothing, not even 40 degrees temperature, would stop me from attending his class.

His ways of teaching are different, make sense, effective, memorable, you go home and watch a movie in a different perspective, you study acting. I had so many classes in different schools but no one was even close to his knowledge and philosophy I believe he's "a philosopher" and his methods must be taught in all acting schools, I would love for him to write a book...

I loved every bit of my classes, learning with him is a must, and I mean every word I said.”

- Christine Melki

“The way Paul Barry 'teaches' acting is remarkable in that you actually don't feel like you are being 'taught'. A mind fuck at first, the unique concepts and original techniques Paul imparts onto his students provide insightful ways to make bold and inspired acting choices which I still use: from audition preparation and technique, right through to performance and song analysis. Although my specialist field is Musical Theatre, the universal approach Paul takes to all areas of acting allows for a very relevant application to a genre traditionally not associated with strong 'legitimate' actors. Classes were always challenging too, which is always great for the aspiring actor.”

- Fabian Hartwell

“Paul's method/teachings of learning lines unconsciously are pure gold! , and are an integral part of staying and living/ experiencing your role . !!!”

- Charbel Zeaiter

“Paul has the greatest passion for acting of anyone I know. Plus, he is a great teacher. This makes for very lucky students. I have learnt so much about acting & life from Paul. Make the time to do some sessions with him. If you do your homework, take on board what he says, and don’t gain anything, forget Paul giving you your money back, I will!”

- Simon Dooley

"Working with Paul completed shifted, challenged and changed the way I approach acting and Drama in general... He does not force new techniques onto you but rather opens your mind to new a variety of approaches that you can master and then apply to your work...

If you are willing to put the work in you willl be pushed above and beyond what you thought you were capable of. A truely passionate teacher who has spent many years questioning and as a result has some pretty interesting stuff to pass on ... The whole group was lifted to another level during the course.

My only advice is DON'T BE LATE..."

- Jemima Nobis

“Paul had some really cool acting ideas. I took a workshop with him and found it to be very helpful. If you're looking for an acting class right now, I definitely recommend him.”

- Sam Gasch

“Very helpful! Practical tips I can use at my 5pm audition today! Really charismatic, cool teacher who knows what he is doing”

- Joanna Folino

“I like the relaxed, practical approach to audition technique”

- Halley Chaney

“Very enjoyable, Paul is incredible, charismatic, really knows his stuff and has great sources behind his methods”

- Lauren Bernardo

“I absolutely loved the workshop, it was very interactive and interesting. I learned a great deal from Paul in just a few short hours.”

- Carrie Daniel

"Paul gave an awesome workshop last night. He is so passionate about what he does. He elevated the actors performance last night, right before our eyes! Amazing. "

- Cheryl Nilsen Schaberg

“Very informative. Thank you for giving us valuable and practical information. I actually have new ideas about breaking down scripts”

- Shaifali Raitti

“I was very impressed. I learned a lot. Thank you.”

- Robert Rueda

“Provided many different perspectives that have not been touched on by previous instructors, such as generalizations… Guidelines on how to take directions is a topic that is usually overlooked or not talked about, but was made clear in this workshop”

- Jennifer Starr

“Fun, entertaining session”

- Justin Pitman

“Very extensive – great presenting”

- Maurise Maloon

“Very helpful! It’s great to hear all the great things you have taught and said”

- Noelle Wheeler

“I enjoyed it! It was fun to learn effectively”

- Jun Kanashima

“Thank you for taking the time to create a workshop such as this. Allowing the actors to get on their feet to begin to feel and understand ‘EOSEBAT’ “

- Yariza Pizarro

“This was great! I learned a lot and glad I came. I will recommend lots of friends to come”

- Tywonda Crossland

“Excellent session. Very informative”

- Nahson Pelefoti

“The class was very fun. I felt very comfortable with Paul’s teaching method. Learning to observe my environment allowed me to be more comfortable and interactive”

- Manuel Alvarez

“I really enjoyed the class. The topics covered in this free class were worth more than what I’ve paid for in classes and workshops that taught me virtually nothing. The EOSEBAT was a huge help! I loved it!"

- Milan Epps

"Paul Barry is the real deal! He has developed his own unique style of adding layers to any performance and refining your abilities to get out of your own way as an actor allowing you to bring the most natural and truthful performances to the screen or stage. Paul is clear and concise in his delivery and facilitates a proffessional yet laid back working environment that encourages you to explore new and bolder choices. He is passionate about developing and nuturing natural talent and ability, and also offers his advice and strategies on how to channel your enthusiasm and creative abilities into solid, decisive performances. After working with Paul consistently over only a few semesters I have been cast as lead roles in 7 short films, 1 short feature and secured a lead role in a TV series pilot. In acting they say that the talent is in the choices and I believe that having not chosen to work with Paul I may not have achieved the same level of success in such a short time."

- Michele-Antonio Mattiuzzi

“This was a wonderful experience. I find the teacher one of the best I have seen in my career”

- E. Milton Wheeler

"I started classes with Paul after meeting him as a teacher at NIDA. His approach to acting was a lot more involved and intense than other teachers I have had. He has the ability, know how, and most of all patience to simplify well worked techniques that every actor needs to get by in this industry. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Paul to the very beginner or most experienced actor in the business!"

- David Woodland

"Paul has a huge amount of experience in watching screen tests and as a result I believe he has incredible insight into what is needed in preparation for an audition. I find the way he helps you shape your work and define your choices brings clarity and confidence in an audition room. Paul helped me prepare for my Underbelly audition and I do attribute the success of this audition to his mentorship."

- Lieschen Pogue

“Paul's classes in Sydney were by far the most comprehensive and engaging. Paul as a teacher supplies an endless amount of knowledge and honest advice. He has provided me with so many tools that I can now put to full use. Paul helps you discover what works for you and also encourages everyone to read all books, watch all movies and even try your hand at writing. I definitely would recommend Paul as a teacher to anyone, any age!”

- Veronica Lesenco

“Paul is a highly engaging and committed acting tutor, whose classes go beyond sharing his knowledge as an actor and director (where most tutors stop). Paul has given much thought to the art and science of delivering powerful acting tuition, as a different skill set and process to acting or directing. He has worked hard to survey the breadth of acting techniques, to select the best of those and to develop his own tools and methodologies to help simplify the actor’s choices and make the task manageable for the trainee actor. His classes are practical, challenging, enjoyable and rich with the benefit of his experience. As a tutor and director, the feedback and guidance Paul gives is honest, generous and effective in helping an actor to reach their best performance level.”

– Daniel Byrnes

"The tricks and techniques Paul gives his students are effective and aqcuirable that you can apply and experiment with; nothing is set in concrete. He has a wonderous sense of humour as well so theres no need to be coy and embarassed- which aids in remembering; plus hes honest. AND you remember your lines; so you have that base to work with. Rewarding and enjoyable dont pass up the oppurtunity to be taught by Paul."

- Clare Cholerton

"So this wall is turning into an ode to Paul! But not without reason. I can gladly second everything that has already been posted here and add plenty more. If you are unsure, view Paul's work- it's exceptional. If you are of the kind thinking "so what, he can act but can he teach"?, contact me. I've been a student of Paul's for some time now and will gladly chat to anyone in Acting 4 Camera about Paul's classes. He is professional, dedicated and passionate about his craft. Paul genuinely wants to see his students develop and succeed. More than this, he is one of the most intelligent actors I've encountered, and in our industry, they can sometimes be few and far between. Gifted actor, brilliant teacher, intelligent man. Sign up."

- Renee Dowling

"Thank you Paul for all the training and guidance. I've managed to score a role in an up coming Australian Feature and they were very impressed by my screen technique. I credit this to the methodology you taught me in our classes. So thank you thank you thank you!!"

- Andy Marsh

"It was refreshing to see and hear a new technique that is different, applicable and interesting. It was like seeing something new for the first time that challenges and changes my ideas about acting. Really cool. Thank you!"

- Courtney D. Harris

"P.I.E. - Excellent model. Good departure from (needless) soul-searching."

- Richard Clairmont

"Lots of things to think about and good information. I liked the technical info and am looking forward to trying out some of the P.I.E.-based choices. Thanks =)"

- Josephine Leffner

"Awesome! Stuff I've never heard before - definitely interested in practicing this technique and learning more."

- Kim Burns

"I really am intrigued by this and excited to try it and apply it.... Thanks for something new that makes sense!"

- George Snarberg

"Enjoyed the theory and the actual suggestions to physically CREATE EMOTION OR THE APPEARANCE OF IT"

- Scott Christopher

"I loved the perspective about getting personal and could see changes making people's scenes more interesting. I hear C/Ds say "Actors, make a stronger choice". This has made it more clear. You have great energy. :)"

- Kathleen Kelly

"I thoroughly enjoyed myself in Paul's class. In a matter of hours I learned skills that, if honed, will revolutionize my acting for a lifetime. Looking forward to working with you soon."

- J. Patrick Wise

"I found the information useful because I do have those physical habits I'd like to undo. The breathing and '3 second' advice also helped a lot. I felt like it helped free me from focusing on emotions too much and I agree and like mentioning "being" rather than acting."

- Ann Song

"Your technique does a great job of dispelling the mysteries of how to act and puts it in a coherent, easy-to-understand language. I've been an actor for a long time and it's easy to fall into reliable habits and stop working. The benefit of your technique to me is that it reminds me to try something new."

- Ross Brooks

"It was such a pleasure meeting with you yesterday Mr. Barry. Thank you so much for your insight and sharing your wisdom. In one session I gained so much, how refreshing! Thank you! "

- Natalia Alia

"Thank you so much Mr. Barry for the lesson today. I really learned a lot in the short period of time."

- Donnie Avants

"Check out 'Choices Workshop' with Paul Barry!!!!!! AMAZING info, lots of fun and some great laughs with Paul!! Thanks for a great time!! His assistants are lovely as well! ;)"

- Vanessa Marie Dewing

"Loved learning about PIE! What a valuable 3 hours."

- Morgan Eichwald

"This approach makes SENSE to me. The use of analogies was illuminating. PIE and other clear choices are clean and empowering. The Lee Strasberg quote: The talent is in the choices'. Leaving with great, valuable notes."

- Katie-Rose Cunin

"I found the idea that each sentence should be expressed potentially as your last very useful. I especially liked the idea of PIE as a way of doing a scene differently."

- Douglas N. Hachiya

Paul is one of those rare gems who is able to mentor an actor with pertinacity and humanity. You won’t find regurgitated rhetoric In Paul's class and that’s what makes his teachings so inspiring and valuable for the modern actor. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a bloody exceptional teacher!'

- Joanne Willmott

I honestly walked in knowing that I have some sort of spirit to offer in a performance but I've always struggled to figure out where to start when reading a script. Working with Paul gave me a clear foundation to transform what's on the page to the stage and to have confidence in my interpretation.

What stood out for me were the discoveries made through a few very enjoyable improvisation wokshops that simply made sense once applied to a performance. I thank you kindly for your teachings and shall be putting them into practice.

- Silvan Rus

I was very impressed by your class and the many things I learnt in such a short space in time. There was so much useful and fascinating information about the art of acting and the practical demonstratiobs were great. You also didn't do any name dropping and kept the approach so down to earth and yet there was a reason for all the things you said and did... I loved the class... You are a great teacher and I learnt so much:)

- Ross Logan

"Let me just express huge thanks for coming in and changing my acting life. "

- Petr Vackar

...a few years ago, while attending a casting director workshop, I became surprisingly aware of just how many of our fellow Australian actors work here in Hollywood, by way of the CD who was hosting that particular night. The CD told us, "I can't really put into words what the Australian actors are doing, that's different from what you american actors are doing, when they come into a room to audition, other than, they WOW us".

Determined to find an Australian acting coach to teach me what that WOW is, I discovered Paul, by accident, while attending another CD workshop this past spring and then started my first round of classes with him earlier this summer. What I discovered, almost immediately, was Paul's strong "work ethic", extreme "attention to detail" and very creative techniques to making "choices", his patented P.I.E. technique being one them.

There were many times during class, where just when I thought I had gone as far as humanly possible with a particular scene I was working on, just when I made what I thought was the most interesting choice, Paul would (in a blink of an eye) come up with something I hadn't thought of, I'd try it and like clockwork, it was always way more interesting to perform and/or to watch!

Paul teaches with a subtle, gentle style, with a hint of intensity. Paul's way is like the difference between taking of the "blue-pill" versus the "red-pill"! "Take the blue pill and the story ends, take the red pill (which is the Paul-pill) and you stay in wonderland, and he'll show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes... 🙂

- Jeronimo Spinx

Paul is energetic, passionate and generous in the work that he does. As an actor I felt very secure in his classes under his experienced and creative guidance. Paul gave me some really tangible and practical tools to help me move with confidence into the realm of camera after most of my experience was theatre training. I would definitely seek him out to work alongside him in the future.

- Anne Wilson

As an actor, working with Paul Barry is an absolute `breath of fresh air´. Even considering my extensive acting training in New York I have never met an acting teacher that can so efficiently help guide someone through a scene they are having trouble with. After observing every nuance of a performance he then encourages the actor in the way that may best suit that person in that particular scene. Working with him is a collaboratively fun process. I highly recommend him as an acting coach.

- Joel Hogan

Paul is a wonderful teacher. His classes are relaxed, encouraging and exciting. He genuinely cares for his students and creates a safe and happy environment. I use his advice in auditons all the time and get nothing but excellent responses and results. Don't miss the opportunity to train with someone who not only knows what they are talking about.... but actually cares about your career and nurturing your talent.

- Claudia Barrie

Paul Barry never fails to inspire me when working under his direction and guidance. Paul gives actors the freedom to develop their skills by giving them a huge resource of tools and nourishing and expanding the skills they already have. What makes Paul stand out above the copious amounts of 'acting teachers' and directors around is his ability to think outside the box. Nothing is ever impossible with Paul. Paul's commitment and dedication to his craft is inspiring. He is a breath of fresh air in what is often a stale industry.

- Emma Hawthorne

I want to thank Paul Barry, my acting tutor, friend and mentor so very much for helping me rediscover my passion for acting, rebuild my confidence, and helping me to stop trying to "act" but instead just connect and understand a piece - and make it true to my very gut through his use of technique, TONS of patience and easy going nature :).

His fire and love for this art is extremely contagious and awe-inspiring. I have been so blessed to have been taught by such a terrific actor in the short time available to the both of us, and honestly Paul, it's a loss to the Australian film/theatre industry with you moving back to LA - I really wish I had made as much time as possible with you! But I'm sure we will catch up soon 🙂

Any artists out there, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do yourself a favor and check out his pages ASAP: https://www.facebook.com/Acting4Camera & https://www.facebook.com/showreelsaustralia

- Jasmine Akbari

Paul draws upon a wealth of real industry experience to bring out your best work on the day

- Matt Lausch

Paul, you are so much fun and you were full of truly insightful comments that helped me get to the heart of the scene, and approach it in a way that went against the obvious choices. You also introduced me to the P.I.E technique that I'll definitely be using in the future.

- Lucy McNabb

I stumbled upon Paul's masterclass in Sydney, and it for sure became one of the highlights of my trip - I've learned and absorbed so much within the short 8 hrs I was there, and I say short because time just flew by in his class. He was patient and articulate in the way he taught, he made it easy to relate and understand, and never once made anyone feel uncomfortable...unless you're willing to let him help you breakthrough challenging areas. Thanks for being such a generous teacher, Paul =)

- Cat Tsai

I've had the privilege recently to attend class with Paul and have been surprised on both occasions. Paul's knowledge and his teaching method is first class. Paul provides a comforting environment and explains the lessons in a way that makes perfect sense. I can't wait to learn more and grow as an actor. Thank you Paul

- Matthew Merillo

Paul is a brilliant teacher. He is inspirational and very helpful. Absolutely love Acting 4 Camera. I highly recommend their classes to any actor wanting to learn from the best.

- Lorena Bryce

Paul I just want to express my gratitude, because I learnt so much in your classes in a way that I haven’t leant acting before. Thank you because my style and understanding of acting has completely changed you helped me to understand the simplest and real way of preforming. Your style is so unique and rare. I’m so thankful that I got to be a part of your brilliant classes because I have already started to see the changes and results in my work. Best part of all you work on us based on where we need the help most. Thank you so much Paul, can’t wait for your classes to come back to Sydney.

- Jessica Arapi

A quick post about Paul Barry's choices drop in workshops. I had the pleasure of attending several classes last time Paul was in Sydney. Extended improvisations and text work, in groups, individually or in pairs provided the framework to identify habits as well as explore choices, characterisation, endowment, and impulses. Paul brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to classes that are always fast-paced, fun and creatively stimulating.

- Lauren Richardson

It's so rare to find a teacher who offers such a safe, creative environment to play - with no bullsh*t! Paul is simply one of the best around with a wealth of insight & a tangible technique on offer. Do it, you won't regret it....

- Jacki Mison

Thanks Paul! The techniques and the exercises I learned in your classes have become invaluable tools in my acting arsenal!!! I've enjoyed every step of developing my career and I'm so very grateful to have you as a mentor 😉

You've undoubtedly raised my confidence in my abilities.

Thank you for taking the time to meet each actor where they're at, and finding a simple way to progress them to the next level. It was enjoyable to watch in others as well as myself 🙂 I had so much fun coming to your classes! I always left on a good vibe 😉

You're an amazing teacher, director and writer!! I recommend ALL actors to work with you!

Looking forward to coming again when you're back in Sydney! (or I'm in L.A)... Will definitely be working on my showreel with you.

Forever grateful 😉 Tracey xx

- Tracey Lee Maxwell

I've been using Paul's approach to acting for about 5 years now, starting off in my work in co-op theatre around Sydney and now on Australian TV in Home and Away. Working on a show with such a high turn over of material, an approach to acting that promotes instinct and honesty without tedious over analysis is not only extremely valuable, but incredibly liberating. Paul's approach to acting is direct, effective and completely doable. More importantly, it elevates material to a level that's exciting to play and gives it an edge that is (hopefully) exciting to watch.

- Stephen Peacocke

"Paul Barry is one of those rare gems in our industry who genuinely wants to help actors be better actors. His experience is priceless, passion is relentless and dedication to developing our craft something to be admired. Paul reminded me that as actors, we are always learning. In just a few hours with him, I discovered new techniques and ideologies I hadn't come across in years of working. I want to thank you Paul for the gift you continually give. If you have the chance to work with this guy, you should definitely take it."

- Taryn Brine

"I find it quite appealing. It resonates with me - I find it freeing in the end"

- Miriam Stark

"Very interesting material he covered. I would definitely say it is a unique approach"

- Brandon Irons

"I really loved the graph you gave to us, and applied it to my audition the next day and got a call back! Fingers crossed I get the job!"

- Johnny Nicolaidis

"I could already see the benefit of using this PIE technique in such a short amount of time! AND big fan of Steve Peacocke's work, so obviously it is working really well. Thank you!"

- Esther Anderson

"An inspiring look at your reality! It was great, couldn't fault it!"

- Lisa Gormley

"I really enjoyed the intro. To Paul's technique + find it intriguing. Something that (even this little intro.) will greatly help"

- Meghan Hartmann

"Good to get different perspective and arsenal of tools to add to my repertoir "

- Tien Pham

"Paul is an amazing teacher, he's very engaging and easy to understand. He makes me feel comfortable while giving advice. He's very open-minded"

- Erica Beas

"Paul - so much fun! Interesting - broke things down for me in a way to look at things differently - Thank you. "

- Elise Falanga

" After taking Class with Paul Barry I felt very confident when auditioning. I immediately booked a Co Star on FOX's New Girl and a Music Video by David Dobkin (The Judge). Thanks for the bookings, Paul!!!"

- Eric Satterberg




"I find it quite appealing. It resonates with me - I find it freeing in the end"

- Miriam Stark

“Paul had some really cool acting ideas. I took a workshop with him and found it to be very helpful. If you're looking for an acting class right now, I definitely recommend him.”

- Sam Gasch

"Loved learning about PIE! What a valuable 3 hours."

- Morgan Eichwald

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