“Have big audition? Want to nail it? See Paul Barry @acting4camera. Awesome technique & tips you HAVEN’T heard 100 times before. Do it.” – Adrienne Webber

“Paul’s new studio was a wonderful experience. He was so accommodating and flexible with my schedule and needs, and he gave me great direction and feedback as a coach. His studio equipment is professional and top quality, and when I reviewed the tapes back I noticed that Paul’s work with the camera was excellent. I ended up having a fantastic take to send for my audition, and I’ll definitely be coming back!” – Danielle Ma

LOCATION: Santa Monica

PRICE: From $30, depending on what you need. Min. 30 min slots.

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"Very interesting material he covered. I would definitely say it is a unique approach"

- Brandon Irons

"I found the information useful because I do have those physical habits I'd like to undo. The breathing and '3 second' advice also helped a lot. I felt like it helped free me from focusing on emotions too much and I agree and like mentioning "being" rather than acting."

- Ann Song

"Paul has a huge amount of experience in watching screen tests and as a result I believe he has incredible insight into what is needed in preparation for an audition....Paul helped me prepare for my Underbelly audition and I do attribute the success of this audition to his mentorship."

- Lieschen Pogue

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