Rehearsals (Fellini)INTRODUCTORY CLASS – 3-hr X 4-week term

  •  Intimate class sizes; act every single class
  • Take home your work on laptop or USB drive
  • Act with others of similar skill level
  • Scenes provided or bring your own
  • Plus: 1 X download of Paul’s “Choices” e-book FREE

Intermediate and Advanced classes also available. Please contact us for more info.


Other services: Classes (Private) ◙ Skype Sessions ◙ Dialect Coaching ◙ The Perfect SceneDemo Reels



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"I found the idea that each sentence should be expressed potentially as your last very useful. I especially liked the idea of PIE as a way of doing a scene differently."

- Douglas N. Hachiya

"Good to get different perspective and arsenal of tools to add to my repertoir "

- Tien Pham

“Thank you for taking the time to create a workshop such as this. Allowing the actors to get on their feet to begin to feel and understand ‘EOSEBAT’ “

- Yariza Pizarro

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