"Paul is an amazing teacher, he's very engaging and easy to understand. He makes me feel comfortable while giving advice. He's very open-minded"

- Erica Beas

Paul teaches with a subtle, gentle style, with a hint of intensity. Paul's way is like the difference between taking of the "blue-pill" versus the "red-pill"! "Take the blue pill and the story ends, take the red pill (which is the Paul-pill) and you stay in wonderland, and he'll show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes... :)

- Jeronimo Spinx

“I had the opportunity to work with Paul on my first ever production as an actor on television. I was nominated for an AFI and a Logie award for my performance in Remote Area Nurse. I have no hesitation in recommending Paul Barry professionally as he is a devoted practitioner and teacher of the craft of acting and story telling.”

- Aaron Fa’aoso

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