"Paul genuinely wants to see his students develop and succeed. More than this, he is one of the most intelligent actors I've encountered, and in our industry, they can sometimes be few and far between. Gifted actor, brilliant teacher, intelligent man. Sign up."

- Renee Dowling

As an actor, working with Paul Barry is an absolute `breath of fresh air´... Working with him is a collaboratively fun process. I highly recommend him as an acting coach.

- Joel Hogan

"Paul Barry is the real deal! ... After working with Paul consistently over only a few semesters I have been cast as lead roles in 7 short films, 1 short feature and secured a lead role in a TV series pilot. In acting they say that the talent is in the choices and I believe that having not chosen to work with Paul I may not have achieved the same level of success in such a short time."

- Michele-Antonio Mattiuzzi

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